Sydney Soucy

Raised in Massachusetts just outside of Boston at the end of the Orange Line. I always knew while growing up that I was going to be some sort of storyteller. I went to school in Manhattan, as to better understand what the buzz was all about. I'm honored and privileged to have gotten the chance to collaborate with so many incredible artists across New York City. Recently, I moved back to Boston and am excited to get back to working and creating with these locals. After all, everyone here is wicked smaht. 

I'm a movement based actor specializing in Viewpoints. The main focus for my career grew into acting, filmmaking and experimental theatre techniques during my studies at Marymount Manhattan College and while wandering around the big ole' apple.

I'm passionate about sharing depths within the human condition and humanizing narratives in order to build community and understanding across all the lands! There's a lot out there that people are unable to comprehend, and it's our job as creatives to give them guidance on their journeys. I like to think of all forms of media and entertainment as psychological roadmaps towards enlightenment (not all maps are totally accurate, but they all offer a whole bunch of reference points). My goal is to create trustworthy and honest content within my work and throughout my career.

If you're still reading, I guess I'll let you know I'm a quintuple virgo, my laugh's obnoxious, I'm a self proclaimed iconoclast, you pronounce my last name SOO-See, also I'm 5'3" and I appreciate your time immensely.



 Greater Boston Stage Company

Resident Youth Ensemble Member


Emerson College

Pre College Musical Theatre Summer Program


Marymount Manhattan College

BA in Theatre Arts with a double concentration in Performance and Theatre & New Media


"Extremely watchable. Thought provoking performance, great voice."

-Harley Casting Director

"Has an edge, nice choices and great at active listening.

-Craig Casting Director

"Nice groundedness."

-Geoff Talent Agent

"Strong sense of self and natural presence."

-Camille Casting Director

New York, NY, USA

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Oh wow, you're still here?

If you'd like you can check out my final for an Experimental Filmmaking course I took at MMC.

It's a mockumentary on studying theatre/film in college.

You can keep scrolling for my instagram feed,

which is more or less a mock of myself.

Or contact me already, I'll be waiting... (tables, probably).


New York, NY, USA

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